Tema newsletterului ENSIE de azi: ENSIE supports Romanian civil society organisations !

30 august 2017
Salvati locurile de munca protejate ale persoanelor cu dizabilitati!
22 septembrie 2017

Tema newsletterului ENSIE de azi: ENSIE supports Romanian civil society organisations !

European Network of Social Integration Enterprises, care înglobează peste 2500 de intreprinderi sociale de inserție din Europa, solicită Guvernului României să revină asupra ordonanței 60/2017 care desființează peste 740 de unități protejate și lasă fără loc de muncă peste 2000 de persoane cu dizabilități, mare parte din categoria greu angajabili. Este vorba de OUG 60/2017, asupra căreia Consiliul legislativ a atras atenția prin avizul acordat că aceasta este neconstituțională, Comitetul Economic și Social a dat aviz negativ de 2 ori, Comisia de Buget și Finanțe de la Senat a propus ca amendament revenirea la forma inițială a legii 448/2006. Din păcate, tot în Senat, Comisia de Muncă a respins toate amendamentele și a avizat favorabil ordonanța. OUG 60/2017 va urma drumul spre Camera Deputaților, cameră decizională… 

Tema newsletterului ENSIE de azi este: ENSIE supports Romanian civil society organisations !

On August 4th 2017, the Government adopted an ordinance (60/2017) which includes, together with several very welcomed social protection measures for persons with disabilities, a set of decisions with extremely negative consequences on their employment status. These decisions refer to immediate changes in the implementation of the quota system[1]. More concretely, from September 1st 2017 the companies or institutions with over 50 employees, who do not hire at least 4% of persons with disabilities (known as the “quota system”), lose their option to buy products from sheltered units (most of them being social economy enterprises). Instead, they only have to pay a financial penalty to the State budget, compensating this lack of compliance with the quota regulation.
By consequence this ordinance will put in danger the existence of approximately 740 Romanian sheltered units, who employ 4000 workers, among which 2000 are persons with disabilities having reduced employability chances on the free market.
It is widely understood that the Romanian government implemented such a decree to meet European fiscal rules, namely the Stability and Growth Pact but this prevents employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

For this valuable reason ENSIE, the European Network of Social Integration Enterprises, strongly supports the Federation of NGOs for Social Services in Romania – FONSS and, in particular, its Romanian member RISE Romania – The Romanian Network of Social Enterprises for inclusion through Economic Activity – asking the Romanian government to review this decree, consult relevant stakeholders, with regards to: the implementation of a solid monitoring, control and evaluation mechanisms for these units, as well as to support measures for the workplaces of the most difficultly employable workers and identify valuable solutions.

ENSIE also calls the European Commission to negotiate with Romanian government the revision of this decree also in light of the application of the Stability and Growth Pact’s obligations.