Betania Association

Betania Association, located in Bacau city,  Nordului Street, no. 19, zip code 600241, fiscal code 7928353, registered at the Associations and Fundations Register with no. 56/A/04.11.1995, Legally represented by Adrianus Muit, President. 

Alaturi de Voi Romania Foundation

Alaturi de Voi  Romania Foundation – with the legal headquarters in Iasi, 10 Vovideniei Street and the social headquarters in 5 Bazinelor Street, Uricani village, Miroslava, Iasi County, fiscal code 14545164, registered at the Register of Associations and Foundations under...

Alternative Sociale Association

Alternative Sociale Association – with the headquarters in Iasi, 8A CuzaVoda, registered at the Register of Associations and Foundations under no. 37/05.05.1997, fiscal code 9425315, represented by Catalin Luca, CEO;

Salvati Copiii Association, Iasi

Salvati Copiii Association, Iasi - with the headquarters in Romania, Iasi County, 10 Buridava Street, fiscal code 9943180, represented by Corina Mirela Mighiu;

The Centre of Social Development

The Centre of Social Development - with the headquarters in Romania, 700115, Iasi, 2 Manolache Draghici Street, fiscal code 29203305, represented by Maria – Roxana Atesoae;

Bethany Foundation of Social Services

Bethany Foundation of Social Services - with the headquarters in Timisoara, 4 CaleaDorobantilor, Timis County and with a branch in Iasi, 1 VariantaUzinei Street, fiscal code 5481584, represented by Diana Cristea, Executive President and by the authorized representative Diana Maria...

COTE (Children on the Edge) Foundation

COTE (Children on the Edge) Foundation - with the headquarters in Romania, postal code 700724, Iasi, 38 Clopotari Street, Bl.673A, apartment no. 3, fiscal code 8797140, represented by Alis Ghebuta, CEO;

The Diecezan Caritas Centre Iasi

The Diecezan Caritas Centre - with the headquarters in 134 Sarariei Street, postal code 700116, fiscal code 4488681, represented by Priest Egidiu Condac, General Director;

Iosif Foundation

Iosif Foundation - with the headquarters in  21 Dacia Street, Iasi, postal code 700259, fiscal code 7218615, represented by Claudiu Plămădeala, CEO;

Star of Hope Romania Foundation

Star of Hope Romania Foundation – with the headquarters in Iasi, 3 Barieraveche Street, Romania, 700198, Iasi, fiscal code 11369233, represented by Aurora Vatamaniuc, Executive President.

World Vision Romania Foundation

World Vision Romania Foundation - with the headquarters in Bucharest, 7 Rotasului Street, sector 1, Romanian juridical person, authorized to operate through the civil sentence no. 15 of 12.02.1997, pronounced by the Bucharest Court – Disputed Claims and Administrative Office...

Bucovina Institute for Social Partnership

Bucovina Institute for Social Partnership, located in Suceava city, Oituz street, no. 30, Suceava county, postal code 720201, fiscal code 28562769, legally represented by Vasi Gafiuc, president. 

The National Association for Children and Adults with Autism from Romania (A.N.C.A.A.R.) –Iasi branch–

The National Association for Children and Adults with Autism from Romania  (A.N.C.A.A.R.) –Iasi branch–has obtained juridical personality in 2003 and operates in the field of children and persons with autism. The purpose of the organization is to support children and...

‘AncoraSalvarii’ Foundation, Iasi

‘AncoraSalvarii’ Foundation,Iasi–has the purpose of helping the people with disabilities or chronical diseases, regardless the race, religion, nationality etc. The Ancora Centre was founded in the autumn of 2003, by organising activities for the support of the children and young...

The Foundation Centre of Mediation and Community Security

The Foundation Centre of Mediation and Community Security – aims at developing a model of community security, systems and protocols of multi-institutional collaboration and services at the highest standards in order to protect the victims of any type of abuse...

The “Speranta” Foundation of Local Development

The “Speranta” Foundation of Local Development, located in Tirgu Neamt, Slt. Radu Teoharie street, No. 2, Neamt county, Romania, fiscal code 7970463, represented by Elena Cucu Velter, president. 
Targu Neamt

Community Support Foundation Bacau (FSC)

The Foundation of Community Support Bacau: Marasti street, no. 32 bis, Bacau, fiscal data 9626572, represented by Gabriela Achihai, president. 

Enable Romania Foundation

Enable Romania Foundation: Dorobanti street, no. 13, Iasi, fiscal code 31868483, legally represented by Radu Ionel Tutu-Mitache, president.

Inima de Copil Foundation

Inima de Copil Foundation: Dunarea Boulevard, no. 3, bl. A8, ap. 2, Galati, fiscal code 9076002, legally represented by Anna Cristina Burtea, executive director. 

Papadia Foundation

Papadia Foundation: Saulescu street, no. 33, Iasi, postal code 700259, fiscal code 13814841, contact e-mail:, legally represented by Elena Ceuca, president. 

Solidarity and Hope Foundation

Solidarity and Hope Foundation: Costache Negri Street, no. 48, postal code 700071, fiscal code14832064.

Daniel Centre Association, Bacau ( A.S.C.H.N. BACAU)

ASOCIATIA "CENTRUL DANIEL" Bacau: Pictor Andreescu Street, no.5, Bacau, fiscal code 4670801, legally represented by Ionela Catalina Popa, Projects manager. 

The Association of Support for Special Needs People – Luceafarul, Neamt

The Association of Support for Special Needs People - Luceafarul, Neamt: Piatra Neamţ city, Aleea Ulmilor no. 24, bl. B3, sc. B, ap. 19, postal code 610268, Neamţ county, fiscal code 15858135, legally represented by Daniela Coman, president. 

Four Change Association

Four Change Association: Moților 13A Street, Tronson C, Ap 5, 3rd Sector, București, România, postal code 031521, fiscal code 30064634, legally represented by Pasare Alina-Aurelia. 

Blijdorp Association România – Suceava

Blijdorp Association România – Suceava: Ion Irimescu street, No. 9 , Suceava county, fiscal code 12150338, legally represented by Mr. Ivan Ionel, president. 

Organizatia Umanitara CONCORDIA

Organizatia Umanitara CONCORDIA,cu sediul Dr.Regimentului, nr.20D, sector 1, Bucuresti, cod fiscal 5221142, inregistrata la Reg. Asociatiilor si Fundatiilor sub nr.1/1992/PJ, reprezentanti legali prin Cornelia Trandafir si Elena Matache;

Joyo Foundation

Joyo Foundation: Bucharest, 6th sector, Lt. Av. Gheorghe Caranda street, No. 65, fiscal code 14628952, legally represented by Adriana Constantinescu, Executive Director.  

United Cristian Aid Association- The Good Samaritan

United Cristian Aid Association- The Good Samaritan: Nicoresti commune, Galati county, postal code 807215, fiscal code 16291453,legally represented by Mr. Ionel Melinte.

Corona Foundation

Corona Foundation: Iasi, Pacurari street, no. 21, CIF 11688836, represented by Irina Maria Sile - Executive Director. 

Il Chicco Humanitarian Association

 Il Chicco Humanitarian Association: Iasi, Vasile Lupu street, no. 132, Bl. D1, postal code: 700345, fiscal code 6448250, represented by Scripcaru Carmen, president. 
Sat Barnova, Comuna Barnova, Str. Sfanta Maria nr. 81 respectiv 132, judetul Iasi

“Un Coup de Main d’Emmaus” Foundation, Iași

“Un Coup de Main d’Emmaus” Foundation Iași: Costache Negruzzi street, postal code 700137, fiscal code 13752820, represented by Aneta Onu, president.

Asociatia Pro ACT Suport

Pro ACT Suport Association: Soldat Simion Stefan street, no. 34, 4th sector, Bucharest, postal code 040589, Fiscal code 28363960,  legally represented by Ms. Nicoleta-Liliana Predescu.
Novaci, Tufa, Joita - Jud Giurgiu; sectoarele 5 si 6 Bucuresti

“Good Day, Children of Romania” Association

"Good Day, Children of Romania" Association, with headquarters in Epureanu Boulevard, no. 19, Barlad city, Vaslui county, postal code 731071, fiscal code 12586869, legally represented by Ms. Mihaela Zanoschi, president.   
Barlad, Vaslui

Swedish Organization for Individual Relief

Swedish Organization for Individual Relief , located in Voluntari, Ilfov county, Scolii street, no. 5, fiscal code 8223300, legally represented by Ms. Gabriela Dusa, Director. 
Bucuresti, Ilfov

SOS Children Villages Romania

SOS Children Villages Romania, with headquarters in Bucuresti - National coordination office, 1st sector, Calea Floreasca street, no. 165. Other adresses: SOS Children Villages Romania - Sibiu –Cisnadie city, Sibiu county,  Hermann Gmeiner street,  no. 37; SOS Children Villages Romania...
Bucuresti, Cisnadie - Sibiu, Hemeius - Bacau.

Necuvinte Association

Necuvinte Association,  located in Ion Campineanu street, no 20, Sector 1, București, fiscal code 32386539, legally represented by Simona Voicescu, president.  
Bucuresti, Ilfov

Estuar Foundation

Estuar Foundation, based in Bucharest, Ion Creanga street, no. 6C, bl. 87, Sc. 1, ap. 1, sector 5, postal code 050864, fiscal code 4829835, registered in the Registry of Associations and Foundations, no. 3089/B/2006 from 22.11.2016, legally represented by Dr....
Bucuresti, Ploiesti, Cluj-Napoca, Giurgiu

Reaching Out Association

Reaching Out Association, located in Rotaresti Street, DN7 Nr. 136A,  Bascov commune, Arges county, zip code 117045, fiscal code 11974064, represented by Iana Matei, president. 
Bascov, jud. Arges

Hand of Help Foundation Botosani

Hand of Help Foundation from Botosani, address - Pacea street, no.118, fiscal code 3792045, legally represented by Mr. Mircea Boldea Sr. - executive director.