FONSS has gained legal statute and subscribed to the Register of Federations of Iasi Court, through the civil sentence no.  2915/13.08.2014, in the file no. 4378/99/2014, registered at Iasi Court.

The Federation, established in the North-Eastern Region, aims at extending its activity nationally, in order to become a voice of the providers of private social services. FONSS has 44 members, NGOs providing social services to vulnerable groups. 

The headquarters of the Federation  is in Iasi, 10Ath Gandu, Iasi County. The federation also has offices in Bucharest – Drumul Regimentului 20D and Bacau- Nordului Street, 19 bis. 

The juridical headquarters of the federation is at Bazinelor Street, no. 5, Uricani Village, Miroslava Commune, Iasi County.

FONSS is run by a Board of Directors, formed of:

  • President – Adrianus Muit- Asociation Betania Bacau,
  • Vice-presidents – Elena Matache – Humanitarian Organization Concordia and Vasile Gafiuc –  Bucovina Institute for Social Partnership ,
  • Members of board- Mariana Ursan- Centrul Diecezan Caritas Iasi and Cerasela Nicoleta Predescu – ProAct Suport Association. 

FONSS Executive is made of:

  • Diana Chiriacescu – national director
  • Mihaela Steliana Munteanu- director of communication and advocacy
  • Mihaela Olteanu – projects coordinator.


FONSS has assumed the mission of getting involved in the change of politics and the sustainable development of social services.

The Federation is formed of non-governmental organizations, juridical persons according to the Romanian Law, involved in providing social services to vulnerable groups.

FONSS aims at contributing to strengthening the capacity of the non-governmental organizations of Romania to act in the field of social services for achieving the following objectives:

  • Promoting the involvement of the non-governmental organizations of Romania in the local, regional, national, European and cross-border politics in order to develop social services;
  • Supporting the non-governmental organizations of Romania in contributing effectively to the sustainable development of the social services in the community;
  • Raising the awareness of the citizens concerning the development of the social services in the community as means of inclusion and for fighting against poverty.

FONSS was established through the “NGO voice for the community” project, co-financed through the SEE 2009 – 2014 grants, within the NGO Fund in Romania, developed by ADV Romania and other 9 NGOs from Iasi. Details about this project can be found here: http://fonss.ro/vocea-ong-pentru-comunitate/

FONSS Members

According to the statute, FONSS has active founding membersand observers.

The statute of the federation stipulates the rights and obligations of the members.

Rights of the federation members

  • To vote and to be elected in the leading bodies of the federation, according to the provisions of the statute, excepting the observing members;
  • To participate to the decisional process regarding the developmentstrategy concerning the federation, the manner of funding the activities and the elaboration of the action plans, excepting the observing members;
  • To get involved in the activities of the Federation, to participate to the discussions and debates regarding the accomplishment of the federation objectives, to freely express their opinions in all the problems related to the federation activity;
  • To be appointed as representatives of the Federation, excepting the observing members;
  • To benefit of the actions and activities organized by the Federation. The package of services of which the observers benefit is established annually by the Board of Directors of the Federation and approved by the General Assembly;
  • To be informed regularly or at request concerning the activities initiated and developed by the Federation.

Obligations of the federation members

  • To participate at the activities of the federation and to contribute to its development under all aspects;
  • To comply with the Statute of the Federation and with the decisions of the General Assembly;
  • Not to undertake any action in the name of the federation, unless with the agreement of the federation’s members, according to the statute; ;
  • To acquit until the 31st of May of each calendar year the share established for the following year;
  • To bring its contribution to achieving the proposed objectives;
  • Not to bring any damage, through action or non-action, to the image of the federation.

The founding members are the following: Alaturi de Voi  Romania Foundation,Alternative Sociale Asociation, SalvatiCopiiiAsociation, Iasi, The Centre of Social Development, The Diecezan Caritas Centre, COTE Foundation, Iosif Foundation, Bethany Foundation of Social Services, Star of Hope Romania Foundation and World Vision Romania Foundation.