The NGO Voice for the community!


The project ”The NGO Voicefor the community!” was implemented in the North-Eastern region, by a consortium of organisations – Alaturi de Voi Romania Foundation – applicant, Alternative Sociale Association, Save the Children Iasi Association, The Centre for Social Development, the Diecezan Caritas Centre, COTE Foundation, Iosif Foundation, Bethany Foundation of Social Services, Star of Hope Romania Foundation and World Vision Romania Foundation.

The project ”the NGO Voice for the community!” was financed through the SEE 2009 – 2014 grants  within the NGO Fund of Romania and aimed at increasing the institutional capacity of at least 70 NGOs from the North-Eastern region, at bringing under the attention of the regional and central authorities the problem of sub-funding the non-governmental sector and the deficiencies occurred in the process of decentralizing the social services.

On this project, we have militated in favour of transposing the needs specific to the social field in priorities and multiannual objectives for obtaining funding and support from the local and county authorities of the North-Eastern region, including through the  EUROSTAT studies, resulting that in Romania, the 4.9% GDP allocation for social and medical services is very much under the European average of 10%.

“Through this project, we intended to bring the voice of the NGOs closer to the community, to change the approach from consumers of resources to investors that create jobs, pay fees and taxes and, in addition to this, offer free services to the beneficiaries. Furthermore, it is necessary to understand that it is important to also invest in social services, and not only in social benefits that create dependence and do not get the person out from the vulnerability situation. Last, but not least, we need a real public-private partnership, including in the field of social services”, declared Angela Achitei – president of ADV Romania.

Among the project results, we mention the Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations for Social Services and the publication  NGO Voice.