Through advocacy campaigns, participating in work groups and offering our expertise, FONSS is aiming to sustain essential changes regarding social services and their financing.

Our action directions are:

Financing social services providers, at local and county level, through:

  • Participating in the process of financing regulations construction, overseeing grants and process analysis. At the request of our members, we are active in correcting procedures and mediating the relationship with the authorities.
  • Stimulating the process of participative financing. We have a representative within the Monitoring Committee
  • Negotiating grants for NGOs when the budgets are made at local level.
  • Supporting the normative and institutional frame in order to elaborate an efficient process of social services contracting.

Financing social services, at national level through:

  • Social services subsidiaries
  • Continuous dialogue with the political factor and advocacy campaigns, as reactions to the legislative modifications which have a significant impact on the social services financing.

Participating in the decision-making process:

  • FONSS has the presidency of the NGO Commission Iasi – a dialogue platform in the community
  • Consulting with political parties, at local and national level, only for the interests of our members – respecting the non-political character of our organization.
  • FONSS is part in various work groups, working with other decision-making factors to sustain, monitor and plan a useful and relevant legislation frame for NGOs.
  • FONSS militates for know-how transfer, especially since we offer that when it comes to sustaining the integrated approach of social services, social contracting, social inclusion, entrepreneurship, assisting vulnerable groups and people with disabilities, etc.

Details about these work directions of FONSS can be found in our News area and our Facebook page.