NGO Voice for social services

This project is in its final enrollment year. It started in in july 2016 and will end in december 2018. (6 months per year)

The project aims to develop and promote social services, within the community, as a solution for active inclusion of vulnerable groups.

Also, the projects aims to:

  • Create a transparent and participative mechanism which will bring into force the Social Assistance Law, including the cration of an office for social services contracting within the iasi Local Council.
  • Elaborating a social needs map and updating it every year. The map will be used for the Plan of action and aquisitions of social services;
  • Develop public and private partnerships, aiming to attract european funds for social services investments.
  • Enroll high quality forming sessions about project writting, for NGOs.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are:

  • 20 social servces suppliers, privat and public, from iasi county and at least 100 persons from vulnerale groups, which will be involved in the research for the map of social needs.
  • 20 social services suppliers, public and privat, which will attend the work meeting regarding the strategy of development of Iasi. This strategy includes a chapter about the inclusion of vulnerable groups and county strategy of social assistance. Thorugh the meeting, these representatives will work to make the plan for actions and the aquisition plan.
  • 30 representatives of city halls and counties from all over the country – they will participate at a work meeting, in Iasi, having the opportunity to learn about the good practice model developed here.
  • 50 mayors or representatives of local councils from Iasi county – they will be informed about the contracting and financing mechanisms of social services and about the development of strategic partnerships with the NGOs members in FONSS which provide social services.
  • 25 representatives of NGOs, which will benefit from forming sessions regarding projects writting financed through the 350/2005 law and access to co-financing mechanisms for european projects.
  • 25 representatives of NGOs and local authorities, which will benefit of a forming session about social services contracting and aquision of services and products from social enterprises of insertion.
  • 21 NGOs, members of the federation, which will have the opportunity to present their services and their contribution to the community, through a brochure made within the project.

The indirect beneficiaries of the project are:

Beneficiarii indirecti ai proiectului vor fi:

  • People from vulnerable groups from Iasi;
  • NGOs providing social services across the country;
  • The local community which will receive information through the Vocea ONG newspaper.

”The NGO Voice for social services” is financed by the Iasi City Hall, through the program of non-callable financing, granted through the 350/2005 law.  

The project presentation is available in romanian [ here]